Are you ready to transform your relationships, performance and vitality?

Personalized Nutrition

As your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I look for patterns, identify imbalances and optimize your body’s function through personalized diet and lifestyle choices.

Mental Fitness

As your life coach, I listen for what is most important to you. Together we partner in thought-provoking creative ways that maximize your potential and build mental muscle for lasting change. Your brain is remarkably flexible and can be trained at the “gym” to support you just like all your other muscles.  Mental Fitness is your X Factor.

Heidi Chase, FNTP, BCHN, CPCC, ACC

Your body and mind are connected in a bi-directional system. When we honor this dynamic relationship, we reclaim and live a life of vibrancy.

How do you interpret messages about yourself, your self-worth and your body image?

We know that our mind can dramatically influence our health.  Things like our thoughts, beliefs, trauma, life experiences, directly influence our biology.
We also know that the body directly and powerfully influences the mind.  Things like food sensitivities, digestive and immune imbalances, and toxins all influence our mood, behavior, attention, attitude and memory.