7-Week Food and Body
Empowerment Program

Finally Free, and at Peace with Food and Your Body

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and ready to make lasting lifestyle changes for better health? Learn how to nourish yourself, lose weight without dieting and keep the weight off for good.

  • Get off the sugar addiction roller coaster
  • Find a better way to meet your emotional needs
  • Ditch limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Tap into your inner strength and courage
  • Make eating healthy a way of life … most of the time
  • Gain life changing tools to help you succeed now, tomorrow and for the rest of your life
Curriculum at a glance:

Week One is all about a 30-day No Sugar Challenge, which takes you out of the cycle of food cravings and sugar addition fast. You will set your environment up for success and learn how to deal with unsupportive people.

In Week Two you will learn how to tap into your inner resources. You’ll meet your inner warrior, create a no thank you phrase, and create an emergency mantra. These are designed to empower you to move away from the belief that you can’t to a place where you know you can.

In Week Three you will discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs and find more fulfilling ways to meet those needs. This is where you begin to separate emotional hunger from physical hunger.

In Week Four you will separate physical and emotional hunger even further by learning how to eat intuitively. You will discover your hunger signal, your satiation signal, and how to enjoy food without guilt or shame.

In Week Five the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge ends and you’ll be guided into the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines and how to make them, most of the time, because life is too short not to eat chocolate.

Week Six is all about how to deal with the things that may get in the way of your long term success. You will learn how to deal with your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Week Seven reinforces maintenance and you will get a glimpse of who you are beyond your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. From this place of wholeness, you no longer need to feed, soothe, or avoid anything and become finally free and at peace with food and your body.