Psilocybin Facilitation

You contain a universe inside yourself. There’s no end to it – your conscious, your subconscious. There is no limit to what’s inside you. We are very much connected. There’s no end to it.

Ann Shulgin

I have been a long time advocate for plant medicine and my interest in supporting plant medicine for wellness stems from both from my personal and professional experiences.  Witnessing personal transformations in people that often occur with intentional use of altered states of consciousness partnered with strong integration practices has been apart of my life for many decades.  I believe in meeting people where they are and providing an environment where one can safely be themselves both culturally and emotionally.

In Oregon, psilocybin-assisted therapy is being offered at licensed service centers under the Oregon Health Authority Rules.  If you’re interested in learning more about non-ordinary states, and are 21 or older, I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with me so that we can introduce ourselves, discuss your unique goals, ask questions and explain the process.