Integration Coaching

Psychedelic integration is a process of weaving the thread of a psychedelic experience into the tapestry of one’s life. On its own, a single thread can’t go very far. When the thread is taken and woven together with all the other threads that make up who we are, it becomes integrated, whole, solid; a colorful work of art.

Dr. Katherine MacLean

Whether your experience was alone, with friends, in a ceremony, in a western clinic setting, or an indigenous shamanic one, integration is the process of taking the wisdom that arose in the journey and bringing into one’s daily life.

Integration is an opportunity to harness the neuroplasticity that can come after psychedelic experiences and use it to build new connections and foundations in the body and mind.  Done properly integration can mean the difference between a transformational life experience and an obscure memory of a really weird day.  

Each person has a unique reaction to psychedelics that can vary from journey to journey. There is no one right way to integrate and working with a coach can help support the process to its fullest possible extent.