7-Week Positive Intelligence Program

Designed like a mental fitness bootcamp, the Positive Intelligence Program gives you insights, motivation, and structure to practice 15 minutes per day for 6 weeks. The program combines weekly video sessions with daily app-guided practices to boost your three core mental fitness muscles.

Weekly One-hour Video Sessions
In these highly engaging sessions, Shirzad Chamine, the creator of Positive Intelligence Program and author of the book by the same title, guides you through experiential exercises that deepen and personalize your understanding of the mental fitness tools. You leave inspired and energized for the weeks’s daily practice.
Exclusive App Guiding Your Daily Practice
Each day a different focus for the daily practice is assigned through a personalized companion app available exclusively to program participants. This builds one small muscle at a time, laying down new neural pathways to form lasting positive habits of your mind. The cumulative impact by program’s end is substantial.
Interactive PQ Gym
Innovative 10-second PQ Reps build up your Self-Command muscle. You learn to be clear-headed and calm even in the midst of great challenges, able to command your mind to shift from Saboteur to Sage response.
Daily Progress Tracking
The app tracks your daily progress against minimum targets associated with new neural pathway (muscle) formation. Personalized daily coaching tips continue to both encourage and challenge you to keep going. As your coach, I remain an active member of your cohort community, answering your questions and providing online coaching. Participants report the online cohort community to be key to sustaining their enthusiasm for daily practice.

Curriculum at a glance:

Week One: Boost Your Self-Command Muscle
The first week you learn innovative 10-second PQ Reps that boost your self-command. This enables you to run your brain rather than being run by your Saboteur-hijacked brain. Self-command is key to intercepting unhelpful mental habits and rewiring your brain to respond more effectively.

  • try out and discover PQ Reps that are most effective for you
  • reach the minimum target for PQ Reps/day to achieve rewiring goal within six weeks
  • use the app’s breakthrough PQ Charge Meter to ensure optimal brain activation before important activities
  • declare an audacious aspiration—what you want to achieve through this program

Week Two: Intercept the Judge Saboteur
For this entire week, you’ll intercept and weaken the most damaging Saboteur, the Judge. You discover how judging yourself, others, and circumstances is a key source of your stress and quite damaging to your performance. Most participants discover their Judge to be far more prevalent and damaging than they expected.

  • expose your Judge’s hidden lies, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns
  • reveal your Judge’s impact on performance, relationships, and stress
  • practice intercepting your Judge before it hijacks you
  • rewire your negative neural pathways by redirecting the Judge response

Week Three: Intercept your Accomplice Saboteurs
This week you intercept and weaken the top accomplice to your Judge Saboteur, identified through the Saboteur Assessment from the following: Avoider, Controller, Hyer-Achiever, Hyper-Rational, Hyper-Vigilant, Pleaser, Restless, Stickler, Victim.

  • expose your accomplice Saboteur’s hidden lies, limiting beliefs and negative patterns
  • reveal this Saboteur’s impact on performance, relationships, and stress.
  • discover how to quickly intercept this Saboteur before it hijacks you
  • rewire your negative neural pathways by redirecting this Saboteur’s response

Week Four: Shift From Saboteur to Sage
After weakening your Saboteurs, it is now time to strengthen your Sage, the counterpart to your Saboteurs. Your Sage lives in an entirely different part of your brain, generates all your positive emotions, and achieves peak performance through a calm and clear mind.

  • use the Three Gifts Technique to find the opportunity in setbacks
  • replace draining self-judgement with energizing self-acceptance and empathy
  • boost speed of recovery from failures and setbacks

Week Five: Boost the Sage Powers
The Sage region of the brain enables Five primary powers. Analogous of the Three primary colors, these Five powers recombine to form all the emotional intelligence competencies considered crucial to professional success.

  • augment your mental toolbox with Five Sage powers
  • practice Three techniques to activate each power
  • know when to use which power—right tool at the right time
  • boost emotional intelligence through combinations of the Five primary powers

Week Six: Take Clear-Headed, Laser-Focused Action
In our final week, you use your Sage’s Navigate and Activate powers to take clear-headed, laser-focused, decisive action.

  • use your Sage’s Navigate power to align your actions with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • use your Sage’s Activate power to act without fear or emotional distractions even in the midst of great crises
  • discover your Sage’s deep wisdom, far surpassing your analytical intelligence
  • discover how your Sage generates your highest performance while enjoying every step—“in the zone”

Final Session: Sustain the Momentum
In this final session, you discover how to continue using your PQ tools for a variety of work and life applications.

  • learn now to further apply to peak performance in selling, and persuading, conquering stress, managing conflict, and relationship mastery
  • discover how to use the PQ app to maintain your new mental muscles and Sage habits
  • chart your path to keep progressing towards your audacious aspirations
  • establish support and accountability agreements to sustain your momentum